Annual/Monthly Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

AMC in Three Step

AMC in Three-Step

Step 1: Introduction to AMC

An AMC, or Annual Maintenance Contract, guarantees regular equipment or system upkeep for a year. It's an essential service agreement ensuring smooth operations.​

Step 2: Get the legal Contract

A robust AMC includes scope, duration, payments, response times, warranties, and termination clauses. Compliance with legal regulations safeguards both parties' interests.

Step 3: Enjoy the peace of life

AMCs offer reduced downtime, cost savings, expertise, priority service, and peace of mind. They ensure equipment reliability and uninterrupted operations, benefiting both clients and service providers.

Monthly IT Support for small, medium and large businesses

Basic Package

Ideal for small business (1-10) employess

₹ 6000

Standard Package

Best for small business (10-100) employess

₹ 8000

Premium Package:

Ideal for large enterprises with complex equipment and a need for maximum reliability (100 - ∞ employees)

₹ 12000

Please contact us for details

NOTE: We recommend contacting us to discuss your exact requirements and tailor the AMC package accordingly. Our goal is to provide comprehensive IT support that fits your organization's unique needs and budget

Monthly Charges for per item

Why Choose us

Priority Response Time

24/7 Helpdesk Support with Dedicated Team

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning with Testing

Continuous Software Updates and Security Patches

Monthly IT System Checkup with Detailed Reports and Performance Optimization

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Answer: An AMC is a service agreement that ensures regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment or systems for a fixed period, usually one year.

AMCs usually have a duration of one year, but the contract length can vary depending on the agreement.

The cost of an AMC depends on the type of equipment, its complexity, and the services included. It is typically paid annually or periodically.

AMCs typically cover services such as regular inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, and sometimes replacement of parts, depending on the agreement.

AMCs reduce downtime, extend equipment lifespan, provide priority service, and offer peace of mind, ensuring smooth operations.

Yes, many service providers offer flexibility to customize AMCs to meet your unique equipment and maintenance requirements.

AMCs may have termination clauses with penalties for early termination. Review the contract terms carefully before making any decisions

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